Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant, PhD
Founder Future Food Studio, Faculty Singularity University
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TL;DR: Creates the future, open to new clients and collaborators in reimagining the tomorrow of food and food experience. Food Futurist, Experimentalist, Experiential Designer, Alchemist, Artist, Scientist, Writer, Mover, Agriculturalist, Outsider, Inadvertant Thinker/Doer.

Many things are true. Lifelong global researcher, explorer, and experimentalist elucidating the ways we transform the environment around us and in turn the ways the environment transforms us at every scale, from the micro universe of a single cell to the largest scales of modified and natural landscapes and the invisible energies of narrative and movement. 

Research & Training processes: Seeking beauty in exploration without boundaries from synthetic biology, movement analysis, thermodynamics, charcoal/pastel portraiture, free verse poetry, essays, movement, installation art, photography, agriculture, immersive experiences, and speculative fictions. Biomedical/chemical engineering, soft condensed matter physics, molecular biology, epigenetics, tissue engineering, microfabrication, analytical chemistry, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, gastrophysics, strategic foresight, cartomancy, somatic movement, shambhala buddhism, judaica and mysticism. 

Deeper Dives 
1. Food Futures
2. Scientific Research
3. Somatic Movement Research
4. Epigenetics Research
5. Agricultural Experimentation
6. Immersive Experiments
7. Recorded Talks
8. Clients
Photo Credit: Rebecca Miller
Research Publications
Eydelnant IA, Li BB, Wheeler AR. (2014) Microgels on-demand. Nature Communications. (2014) 5, 3355.

Rowat AC, Jaalouk DE, Zwerger M, Ung WL, Eydelnant IA, Hoelzle1 DJ, Olins D, Olins A, Herrmann H, Weitz DA, Lammerding J. Nuclear envelope composition determines the ability of neutrophil-type cells to passage through micron-scale constrictions (2012). Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Eydelnant IA, Uddayasankar U, Li BB, Liao MW, Wheeler AR. (2012) Virtual microwells for digital microfluidics. Lab on a Chip, 12, 4, 750-757.

Srigunapalan S*, Eydelnant IA*, Simmons C, Wheeler AR. (2011) A digital microfluidic platform for primary cell culture and analysis. Lab on a Chip, 12, 2, 369-375. *Equal contribution

Kuehne AJC, Gather M, Eydelnant IA, Yuc SHA, Weitz D, Wheeler AR. (2011) A switchable digital microfluidic droplet laser. Lab on a Chip, 11, 21, 3716-3719.

Tufenkji, N, Jandali Rafai O, Harmidy K, Eydelnant, IA. (2010) Cranberry derived proanthocyanidins prevent pathogen invasion of kidney epithelial cells. Food Research International, 43, 3, 922-924.

Schinner T, Letzner A, Liedtke S, Castro FD, Eydelnant IA, Tufenkji N. (2010) Migration of Selected Microbial Pathogens in Agricultural Soil and Quartz Sand. Water Research, 44, 1182-1192.

Eydelnant IA, Tufenkji N. (2008), Cranberry Derived Proanthocyanidins Prevent Bacterial Adhesion to Selected Biomaterials. Langmuir. 24(18) 10273-10281.

Shaw J, Eydelnant IA, Kirshenbaum LA. (2007) Transgenic Expression of A20 Prevents Cardiac Cell Death and Myocardial Dysfunction After Myocardial Infarction. Circulation. 115(14):1885-94.

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